Professional Domination should be treated, in many ways, like any other self-employment. If you use your passion to build a solid business, you will be rewarded on multiple levels.

There’s a tremendous amount of money to be made in this industry while still setting your own boundaries and mostly setting your own schedule.

Business books can be used in this industry as well. Since the Professional Domination industry is rather niche, you’ll have to learn how to look for the useful information in traditional business books that you can apply to your own career.

Treat this like a business and be ethical and being a ProDomme can be profitable, interesting and fun. If you treat your business (like any business) with respect, then it will be a reliable source of income.

Being self-employed in any industry is difficult, you have to self-motivate not only to do the ‘maintenance work’ for your business but also find time to grow and improve (and take time off, which is really important). Decide early on what kind of professional situation you’re looking for and genuinely which would suit you.


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