My Top Recommendations

Leather By Danny – Top Notch bondage gear made by a long-time, well respected kinkster

The Latex Store – Great for inexpensive latex that’s great quality. They’re starting to do more ‘designer’ pieces too.

Canes4Pain – My awesome cane supplier, great for keeping a lot of variety on hand (with great prices) plus she makes some AMAZING custom canes with gem-stones and charms.

GirdleBound – Really lovely selection of vintage style lingerie in pretty colors and a wide range of sizes.

Details Toys – High quality floggers and whips for a reasonable price.

Maui Kink – a specialized rope & impact play maker using beautiful island woods

Purple Passion (NYC) – A long time fixture in the BDSM world, this New York City store is worth a visit (especially with a wallet submissive) if you’re in NYC and you can order online too

Delicious Corsets (Philly) – Another fabulous store, this one in Philidelphia. It’s not a BDSM store per-se but they make incredible custom corsets & have a lot of clothing options, particularly in the steam-punk style.

Passional (Philly) – is also a long time fixture in the kink scene, this store has great selection both online and in their store.