When trying to decide what the right arrangement for you, basically there are three ways you can set yourself up.


This usually means that you have your own space, do all of your own advertising, screen your own clients, arrange your own security measures and then do the sessions. Essentially you’re a one-stop shop for getting clients in the door. This can be particularly attractive if you’re looking at Pro-Domming as a career rather than ‘just’ a way to make money on a short term basis. But it also lays ALL of the responsibilities on your shoulders. I was an independent Domme for my entire career and I can honestly say (as other Dommes have echoed) that it’s all the logistic management that’s exhausting. The sessions are the fun parts. But dealing with email and phone communication, in person interviews if you’re doing those, advertising and marketing yourself….all of those activities can, and do, create burn-out. Plus you have all the over-head of setting up your own space. For me, it was the only way to go, although it was the hardest. Being in Boston there wasn’t any ‘house dungeons’ I wanted to join and being a bit of a control freak, I wanted to make all my own decisions about my experience as a pro-domme.

Independent that rents space from House Dungeons/Other Indies

This is kind of the best of both worlds, depending on how you can get it set up. In this situation you can likely set your own hours and screen/choose your own clients. But you might also be able to advertise on the House website which will possibly bring in more potential clients, although the clients booked ‘through’ the house might have different rules and costs than if you were strictly renting space for your own sessions.

Another option is being a traveling Domme and visiting other Independent Domme’s (which seems a particularly popular option these days) which means you both advertise each other and have the possibility of doing solo or Double Domme sessions.

House Dungeon Domme

This depends entirely on where you live, IF there are House Dungeons at all, and what their requirements are. Do NOT think that just because you want to be a pro-domme that you are guaranteed a spot on a House Dungeon roster. You have to fit what they’re looking for, come with your own skills or be willing to be trained, and treat it more like a regular job where you show up for a set number of hours and take the sessions they book for you. Sometimes the House will have fetish outfits you can wear so you don’t have to buy your own (although a lot don’t provide clothing, just toys.)

This is the safest option though, since they will be in charge of creating a dungeon space, will take on the cost of advertising, and provides a safe space where you’ll likely never be required to be alone with clients. You also get the benefit of group branding (being part of an established brand of the Dungeon) which can help you become more well known. One of the best benefits though is the training that’s usually provided to teach you the many hands-on skills required for this industry (such as bondage, fetish play and impact play.)

Should you be independent or work in a house dungeon?

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