13339280_sIt is much better to find clients that fit your tastes rather than just taking every session that comes along. Yes, you may take a few less sessions, but the ones you do take will be higher quality which makes it more likely that they’ll come back for future sessions. When you love your work, it shows, and like anytime in life when you combine a passion and a business plan you’ll put money in the bank and feel good about it.


I’ve always had my own private workspace and never worked in a house, so I can’t tell you how it’s done in a house. For me, having my own space was a necessity, but a costly one. It’s still better to only take sessions where you can (at least somewhat) enjoy the activity.

Why shouldn’t you take every session, and make as much money as possible? You may be asking. There are a few reasons:

1)      Clients can usually tell if you’re not actually into what you’re doing. There’s a spark in the eyes of a happy Dominatrix, and a bland one when it’s not exciting. So if you aren’t into Medical play, or you’re not very good with a single tail, or you don’t really understand erotic humiliation but you’ll try it anyway…..all of those would make horrible sessions for both you and your client. It’s good to try things to see if you like the activity, but if it turns out you don’t like it, then just leave it off your availability list.

2)      A lot of different interests can create one very long shopping list when it comes to equipment. It is not a good financial investment to purchase an extravagant violet wand kit, if you already know that electricity isn’t your thing, just so you can take a few more sessions.

3)      It’s very easy to get burned out by doing every session that comes your way. If you’re a “McDomme” (take sessions for under Tribute, serving as many clients as possible) then you will probably make a lump of cash (which maybe what you’re looking for) but it isn’t a long term situation.

Should you book every session request you get?
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